At Politecnico di Milano research and teaching are fruitfully intertwined: research feeds the didactical activity and the classrooms often become incubators of research ideas. We collected and visualized the top keywords used in the 20.277 theses discussed between 2008 and 2016. The result is a picture of the most relevant topics at the crossroad between teaching and research. Exploring the visualization you can see how the topics are distributed and shared among the three macro research and teaching areas in Politecnico - Architecture, Design and Engineering - and among the different degrees within the Design School.

Designed and Developed by DensityDesign Research Lab

Paolo Ciuccarelli - Scientific Director
Daniele Ciminieri - Design & Development
Michele Invernizzi - Design & Development
Tomasso Elli - Design & Development
Vathsav Harikrishnan - Design & Development